Vonk FHIR Components

Vonk FHIR Components is the set of components that Vonk FHIR Server and Vonk FHIR Facade are made of, but then fully adjustable to your own needs. Because you get control over the individual components, you can integrate them into a larger (web) application, assemble them as a FHIR Server and include your own components, adjust the standard behavior, and much more.


Use Vonk FHIR Components when Vonk FHIR Server and Vonk FHIR Facade are not versatile enough for your needs. Here are just a few possible scenarios for using Vonk FHIR Components:

  • You are building a web application for health monitoring and you want to allow customers devices to send health data as FHIR resources to a FHIR RESTful API. By adding Vonk FHIR Components to your web application you instantly enable the FHIR RESTful API.
  • You want to use a Vonk FHIR Server, but to fit the standards of your organization it must log every returned resource in a specific way. Vonk FHIR Components allows you to merge Vonk’s components with your own. Just add a component for your logging needs before returning the web response.
  • You want to use a Vonk FHIR Server, but you need to connect the FHIR resources to research projects, to make sure that every project member can only access resources belonging to his/her own project. You can leverage the power of the storage engine of the Vonk FHIR Server, but intercept every query to narrow it down to the right project.


Included in Vonk FHIR Components are the components that Vonk FHIR Server uses for generically storing all possible types of resources. If you use these, support for SQL Server and MongoDB is included. Implementing a mapping layer to your own storage or service back end – as in a Vonk FHIR Facade – is also possible. Or maybe you just want to provide validation or brokering of FHIR communication and you don’t even need any storage.

You can use Vonk FHIR Components and the in-memory storage to run Vonk as part of the unit tests in any .Net based FHIR-enabled app you are developing.


Vonk FHIR Components are designed to be integrated into a (web) application. Support for OAuth2 and https needs to be added to that application. If you do so, Vonk FHIR Components can again use the additional request data from the authentication, e.g. to scope access to resources. Data at rest should be encrypted by the database engine if needed.


Vonk FHIR Components are distributed as NuGet packages. They can be used in a .Net Framework or .Net Core development environment. It can run on any platform that supports the environment of your choice.